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Pray Until Glory Falls

Thank you for your willingness to take 1 hour to pray for your city, the nations, and personal areas you immediately affect (home, church, family, etc.). You are joining others in prayer as we begin praying non-stop for the next 72 hours (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). To sign up, fill out the short form, select your day(s) of prayer, and the time(s) you will pray. 

Take a Time of Prayer

Prayer will begin at 6:00 AM Saturday March 2nd and go until Monday at Midnight. You can choose a time slot that best suites you and that will allow you to give 1 hour of attention to pray and read declarations.  If you have any questions, text us at 1-888-519-0404. 

School of Consecration


You will fast 3 hours during the day as you pray. For example, if your 1 hour of prayer is at 6:00 PM, you would fast from 3:00 - 6:00 PM and eat after your 1 hour of prayer.

What day (or days) will you pray?
Time of Prayer Options
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